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Who Are We?

Swiss IT is a full service creative agency specializing in strategy, design, technology and advertising. We define ourselves as dynamic, unique and professional and our work resonates the same ideologies. We live for tech, for culture and for progress, constantly reshaping the landscape of digital media. We dance to the beat of our own drum and we dance like no one is watching. We are Swiss IT.


Web Design

From content and navigation to visual stimulation and design, we build websites that holistically engage the viewer – click after click. Whether it is fitness or fashion, we pride ourselves in the successful development of eye-catching, user friendly websites. If you build it, they will come.

IT Services

You have a business. You have a computer. Sometimes they don’t get along. Our IT services provide you with unprecedented support coupled with periodic maintenance of your IT systems. We work with new and established companies, designing, maintaining or troubleshooting various IT infrastructures.


We know the potential of our services and we’re out to prove it. This is why our marketing team’s goal is to provide tangible business growth within the first three months. We drive leads, accelerate sales and attract new clients all the while demystifying the ethereal marketing realm by reporting exclusively on real results.


We love words, we love pictures and we love a challenge! Our team of writers and designers have the capability, indeed the prowess to create content that is stimulating, relevant and impactful. We define brands through a diverse spectrum of creative skills. “We are are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.”


Creating real honest connections is rare, that being said we know first impressions matter more than ever. Here at Swiss IT we strive to engage your audience, increase sales, and make a lasting impression with a professional website designed to blow the competition out of the water. We plan, refine and build beautiful websites with the latest technology that turn your dreams into digital reality.
What is it? Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the, get ready for it… systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action. Basically, visitors who become customers.

Our primary goal is to have the highest percentage of visitors we have brought to your site become paying customers. In order to do this we rethink and reshape the elements of design, thus making your pages more user-friendly, improving the visibility of contact methods, and communicating to future customers why they contact your first.

What is it? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process which increases a website’s rankings in search engine results. Higher rankings means more traffic, and more more traffic means more revenue. SEO can be rather confusing. So we set out to tell you exactly what we do and why it will help:


  • On-page Optimization – Improving keyword usage, tagging, and site structure to earn more relevant traffic.
  • Google Maps – Listing your business on multiple local search directories in order to raise your Google Maps position and therefore improve your Google My Business location.
  • Organic Link building – Getting bloggers, writers, websites and just the average joe to post a link to your page therefore improving your ranking.
Creating successful content is quite literally a balancing act, a unique blend of art and science. This act we perform with precision and passion. On the art side of the scale, we apply psychology and creativity to develop key word dense copy and dynamic imagery that engages people. We focus on how your content makes people feel and how well it motivates them. We think outside the box to have a better understanding of what people want to see. Screw it, we recycled the box entirely!
On the science side, we’re constantly thinking about strategy, lead generation and how well content production aligns with other elements of your business.


We offer a wide range of support services for home users and businesses alike. From Virus Removal, System Tune-Ups, Data Backup to Data Recovery and Network Troubleshooting. Our expertise encompass both Windows and MacOS , from Microsoft Windows 10 to Apple’s iPad Pro. Whatever your needs may be, we can formulate and execute a plan to solve any problem you throw our way.
As the digital landscape changes, so does the manner in which we keep down time to a minimum. Enter Managed Services, an effective tool for discovering and fixing problems before they can negatively affect your business. Basically our well maintained, proactively serviced network will constantly engage in network monitoring, patch management, maintenance, desktop optimization and backups. All said and done, you will notice a ridiculous difference in operations and you will reap the benefits of preventing fires, rather than fighting them.
Remote support is technology at its finest, it allows Swiss IT to securely connect and interact with you and your computer from anywhere in the world – away on call to lend a helping hand with any and all problems you may encounter. It’s as if we were sitting right next to you, in Caribbean.
Talk to us, we’re all ears. Swiss IT is at the forefront of the IT industry, with world class technicians capable of analyzing the gamut of trouble shooting issues. We’re here to design a strategic plan of action that will ensure your IT issues are kept at bay.


At Swiss IT, our goal is to provide your business with tangible growth within 3 months. We drive leads, accelerate sales, and attract new clients. We seek to demystify advertising by telling you exactly what we are going to do and reporting exclusively on real results.
The buying process has changed, and we celebrate change. Here at Swiss IT we pride ourselves on our ability to constantly shift and mutate in order to stay relevant and up to date. Instead of finding customers with mass advertising and email blasts, we focus on creating new customers through a variety of tools. We successfully implement tools such as Retargeting, Search Engine Marketing, Influencer and Social Media Marketing, all of which allow companies to build continuous relationships with its customers, moreover, improve their online presence.


Lead management is the process of managing and tracking prospective customers. A process that we understand very well!  Successful lead management can be the difference between closing 10 and 100 sales a month and we generally aim for the latter. Swiss IT helps businesses substantially improve their lead management through Source Tracking and Management Tracking  improving the effectiveness of marketing efforts and raising the conversion rate in signing up new customers.



Onwards and upwards is a mantra here at Swiss IT. We have to know where you are to plan where you are going. With this in mind our first step in on-boarding new clients is to evaluate their current situation/position. We help businesses to identify and evaluate KPIs in order to better assess next steps to maximize their growth. With an extensive background in data analysis and experience consulting to companies as large as in the Fortune 5, Swiss IT helps businesses assess their customer lifetime value, cost per client acquisition, most efficient sources of new clients and their client or target client demographics. Our finger is always on the pulse, we continuously analyze our results and focus on hard numbers in order to measure our success. This data-driven approach to marketing is one of the major factors that differentiates us from our competitors and keeps our clients loyal.



Marketing Results


Every ship needs a Captain, and ours can navigate even the most notoriously rough creative seas. Swiss IT’s creative team is led by a dynamic director who over seas all creative processes. From guidance to execution, from paper to print, our creative team is constantly supplied with support, inspiration and drive. With an ability to establish and maintain formidable client relationships, our creative director ties together all the elements of content creation to ensure a symbiosis like no other. He also drinks coffee and watches Family Guy all the while following the latest trends in design, advertising and marketing.
The creative juices at Swiss IT never stop flowing and the writing department illustrates that ethos. We seamlessly integrate creative copy into our design process to produce the most effective, elegant and engaging work — while ensuring that your voice stays authentic and consistent across all platforms. We strive to bring to life beautiful digital experiences that change the game through the remarkable medium of language.
Swiss IT has the means to cover every element of the creative process, this includes art direction and design. Our in-house design team focuses on creative problem solving and visual communication. We work with the development of brand strategy, visual design, illustration and editorial content for various types of clients. We research and source rights-managed and stock imagery, video and music while creating unique image libraries for each and every client. We also like to make things look pretty.


Love Swiss It!! They are amazing to work with! Professional, honest, and good at what they do! Communicate quickly and works fast which is definitely important. Really knowledge and will help the not super tech savvy understand how to do things.

My business partner and I needed a new website built for our fitness brand and the Swiss IT team members are awesome to work!!! They made our vision come to life and we’re so HAPPY with the site! They were easy to get in touch with and always available to answer our questions. They also took initiative to add some features that they thought we could benefit from.

Definitely recommend SwissIt!! Tiffany A.

The Pretty Little Lifters

Swiss IT is great! I needed my website redesigned, updated and PayPal ready.  They picked out the perfect template and all of their suggestions were spot on.  They are very professional, quick to deliver and knows their stuff.  I would recommend their services to everyone. Madalyn M.

One With Child

Swiss IT, are on their way to becoming  IT legends. Their unbelievable knowledge fixed, optimized, organized, cleared out unnecessary junk on my MAC and they make very intelligent suggestions to help make your computer experience easier, safer, more convenient, more reliable and more fun. They also makes sure you are happy an understand everything they have  done for you and follow up with a phone call to make sure everything is working the same way when they left. They also offers phone support for minor problems and/or support. I highly recommend Swiss IT! Jason V.

Swiss IT is great! They are knowledgeable about IT solutions and are 100% professional. They did a successful data recovery for my MacBook hard drive and provided awesome advice to improve my computer. They are reliable, responsive and make it very convenient for you. I highly recommend and would go back for any IT issues. Jonathan D.


Cyrill Reiser

Cyrill Reiser

CEO, Founder

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Dylan Nicol


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Alex Golick


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Sophie Mazzaro

Visual Art

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Michael Burr

Tech Support

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Lissette Schettini

Graphic Design


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