Sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank account information or customer records are stored on business computers and notebooks. Many people are not aware that it is fairly easy to steal your data if someone has physical access to your computers hard drive. An attacker doesn’t even have to know your password, all they have to do to steal your data is remove your hard drive from your computer and connect it to another system. After that all of your files will be viewable in clear text and can be copied anywhere. Notebooks are especially prone to these kind of attacks, as they are being moved around constantly.

This is were data encryption technologies come in handy. During an encryption process your data is basically translated into a secret code that can only be read if you know the secret key. So if your encrypted hard drive were to be stolen and connected to another system, the attacker would be unable to access your data. There are 2 main encryption types that can be utilized.

#1 – Whole Disk Encryption
Your entire hard drive and all files stored on it will be encrypted

#2 – File-Level Encryption
You can encrypt specific sensitive files, but everything else will be unencrypted.

If your business works with sensitive information or you just want to keep your work data secure, we can help implement a data encryption solution.

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