3. Server & Network Monitoring

Monitor your network 24/7 – for just $50 per month.

Your IT network is the backbone of your business, so it’s extremely important that everything is running smoothly. The Server & Network Monitoring service is optimized to provide pro-active monitoring to your equipment ensuring highest availability.

We will monitor your system’s health & performance 24/7 in real-time ensuring everything is working correctly – and alerting you when it’s not.

For about $1.50 a day, we will:
  • Monitor the health & performance of switches, firewalls and other network devices
  • Monitor network speeds and connectivity
  • Monitor the health & performance of servers (such as temperature, CPU utilization,etc)
  • Ensure customer websites and internet applications are available
  • Ensure all essential services such as Netlogon, print spooler, and databases are up and running
  • And more…

As soon as a problem occurs we will send you an e-mail alert – showing the exact issues found. You can fix them yourselves – or you can ask us to help.

If we find no problems, we’ll still send you a daily or weekly report showing that we have checked your systems and that everything is in order.

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